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GE seeks business opportunities at China import expo

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American multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) is showcasing its newest technologies and solutions at a major import expo in Shanghai to cash in on the Chinese market.

At the ongoing second China International Import Expo (CIIE), GE launched the APEX CT, the world's first FDA-approved deep learning-enabed CT. With higher imaging clarity, the new CT system can aid doctors' diagnosis to help better meet the rising demand for health in China, said President and CEO of GE Global Markets Rachel Duan.

GE also exhibited for the first time its complete customized energy eco-system solutions for China's clean energy development as well as its integrated solutions in advanced and additive manufacturing sectors.

Over the past years, the transformation and upgrading of Chinese economy have provided huge opportunities for multinational companies including GE.

GE is an American company as well as a global company, and has long supported globalization and free trade, said Duan at a CIIE forum, adding that GE goes wherever there is market.

"CIIE is a beneficial practice for China to promote a more open and inclusive investment environment," said Duan.

Duan said that confident in China's further opening-up, GE has a long-term and firm commitment to the Chinese market.

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