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Chishui Danxia is situated in Chishui, Guizhou Province. More than 1,000 square kilometers in area, it is the largest Danxia site in China. It is also famous for its fully evolved Danxia topography, fantastic mountains and odd-shaped rocks. The planned Chishui Scenic Area covers 630 square kilometers, including ten places of interest and 36 scenic spots, such as “Chishui National Scenic Zone,” “Chishui Cyathea National Nature Reserve,” “China Jurassic Park,” “Chishui Bamboo Forest Park,” and “Chishui Yanziyan National Forest Park.”

The fourth is Taining Scenic Resort in Taining County, Sanming City, in northwestern Fujian. This geopark boasts not only initial-stage Danxia, but also other geomorphologies, ranging from volcanic rock and granite to other kind of topographies. It is a comprehensive geopark for geological survey, science popularization, travel and vacations. Danxia grottoes are another wonder of Taining, one cave running into the next, tier upon tier, in a fantastic network. The largest can take a thousand visitors; the smallest is honeycomb scale. Their great number and oddities of form defeat the imagination.

Mount Longhu in Guixi City, Jiangxi Province is known as a national key scenic resort and the origin of Taoism. The Danxia landform here has evolved into a grizzled old age. The peak-shaped clastic rocks and slight differences in altitude add elegance and variety to the mountainscape. The Danxia scenic spots occur mainly within an area of 40 square kilometers that also includes Xianshui Cliff and other mountain vistas. The Luxi River threads its way between the cliffs, weaving them together as one.

Mount Jianglang is in Jianglang Township, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. The main attraction here is the Sanpan Rocks, a key scenic spot in the middle part of the mountain. This, “China’s Number One Danxia Peak,” consists of three giant flute-shaped rocks that stand abreast like three pillars. As legend has it, these rocks are the transmogrified bodies of three brothers of the Jiang family. Parts of the new TV drama Journey to the West were filmed here.


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