Beijing to hold next World Botanic Expo after Turkey's Antalya

China's Beijing on Sunday officially took over the honor to hold the next A1 level of World Botanic Expo during the closing ceremony of 2016 Antalya Expo in the southern Turkish Mediterranean resort.

Cheng Hong, the deputy mayor of Beijing, promised at the ceremony that China's capital city will do its best to hold the next highest level of World Botanic Expo.

About 4.5 million visitors came to the expo during the past 191 days when international panels, meetings and seminars were held, according to Faruk Celik, Turkish food, agriculture and livestock minister who is also the chairman of Antalya Expo.

Under the theme of "Live Green and Live Better," the Beijing Expo will be held from April 29 to Oct. 7 in 2019 in a 960 hectare exhibition site in Yanqing County.

The World Botanic Expo, with a history of 160 years, is one of the largest horticultural shows in the world.

Souirce: Xinhua