Greek-Chinese cultural dialogue can advance resolution of common challenges: Minister

    Cultural dialogue between Greece and China holds a crucial role in discovering the roots of today's common challenges and find solutions, Greek officials and experts on culture have said.

    During a forum titled "China-Europe: Cultural Dialogues in Greece", which was held here on Monday, representatives of both sides gave introductions into the pillars of the philosophy and way of thinking of Greeks and Chinese throughout the centuries, highlighting differences in style and similarities in common values.

    Ideals such as the pursuit of truth, kindness, respect for each other, which are at the bases of the two civilizations, can help advance the cross-border understanding and collaboration today to address common problems, they stressed.

    Addressing the China-Europe civilization dialogue, Greek Culture Minister Aristides Baltas welcomed Liu Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, as "an ambassador of a great ancient civilization."

    "What connects Greece and China above all is civilization," Baltas said, adding Greece was for centuries and is still today a gate between the East and West for products and ideas, therefore can support exchanges, mutual understanding and cooperation in all sectors.

    The Greek official made a brief presentation of the main characteristics of Greece's unique identity which are closely interlinked with its geostrategic position on the world map, the landscape, the climate, and the turbulent history.

    Greece is a tiny country of rich and diverse culture which during the course of time has combined numerous features in harmony, according to the official.

    Through the promotion of cultural heritage, visitors to Greece may review their way of thinking, attain self-knowledge, and open their minds to new ideas, Baltas noted, explaining the reason why Athens strongly supports cross-cultural dialogue and people-to-people exchanges.

    The Greek official praised China's stable support to Greece in its difficulties in recent years as an excellent example of win-win collaboration.

    "This support was obvious during our recent visit to China," he said, referring to Greek Prime Minister's visit to China this summer.

    "It is obvious today, as the Chinese side approaches these exchanges in good faith and with an open mind," he said.

    The Greek minister as well as other Greek scholars attending the event underlined both Greek and Chinese ancient civilizations laid the foundations of mankind's efforts to learn about the human being, the functions of society, the process of dealing with fundamental problems which remain the same in antiquity and today.

    The event was jointly organized by the two countries' culture ministries and Chinese embassy in Greece.

    Source: Xinhua