A Strategic Prospect that Can Be Realized


The Chinese Dream encompasses four main visions: a renewed, powerful China; a civilized China governed by equality and fairness; a harmonious China in which all social strata coexist peacefully; and a beautiful China with a clean environment.

Despite China’s well-known difficulties – pollution, corruption, and economic inequality – China possesses distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. These include its huge population which is, of course, also the country’s burden in some way, vast territory and abundant resources, as well as a political system that can effectively mobilize people for any challenge. China has a unique civilization which values modesty and hard work, and a cultural soft power which never seeks to impose its values on others or resolve problems by force. In addition, China’s strong military strength and its foreign policy, with peaceful coexistence as the guiding principle, can be also taken as the country’s merits.

We are confident that the visions of the Chinese Dream can be realized, restoring the vitality of China’s culture and civilization and creating a well-off society with a sound social welfare system. In other words, the Chinese Dream is a strategic prospect for China that can indeed be realized.



The author is a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Relations.