Global Insights


“The Belt and Road Initiative has the enormous potential of the Asia-Pacific economic circle to the East and the established economic region of Europe to the West. Advancing the construction of the Belt and Road will play an important role in the development blueprints of countries along the routes and will benefit billions of people.”


Bruno Macaes


Former Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs


“The projects will facilitate faster economic growth in many countries in Asia and Europe, and that will be a catalyst to strengthen the world economy as a whole. Those who are interested in business, work hard, and are concerned with safeguarding their own prosperity, do not engage in war. That is another valuable contribution the Belt and Road projects can make to the world.”


Jirí Paroubek,


Former prime minister of the Czech Republic and former chairman of the Czech Social Democratic Party


“By enhancing the efficiency of production factors and promoting investment, the Belt and Road Initiative places firm emphasis on boosting economic progress in the countries along the routes.”


Margit Molnar


Head of the China Desk in the Economics Department at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Chief China Economist


“I believe this initiative creates a rare opportunity to expand the horizons of fruitful cooperation, to achieve prosperity for all peoples and their dream of a decent, stable life.”


Samy Elkamhawy


Vice-managing director of the Al-Ahram Newspaper


“The Belt and Road Initiative will not only connect peoples along the routes, but also promote multilateral regional cooperation, strengthening South Asian regional cooperation in the future. It will also open up many possibilities for mutual support in South Asian economic development.”


Chintamani Pokharel


Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University, Nepal


“I believe China will have great success in the Belt and Road Initiative which will also stimulate further economic growth in the Middle East, East Asia, and Central and East Asia.”


Grzegorz Witold Kolodko


Former vice prime minister of Poland and professor of Political Economy at Kozminski University


“The Belt and Road Initiative is crucial for reinforcing infrastructure in the developing world and rebalancing the world’s economy.”


Robert Lawrence Kuhn


Chairman of the Kuhn Foundation


“The Belt and Road Initiative reflects the Chinese government’s policy of inclusive development, shared prosperity, and harmonious growth.”


Babar Makhdoom


President and editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail, Pakistan


“Since poorer communities are more prone to being exploited by terrorism, the Belt and Road can be a blessing to the poor, which accounts for around 50 percent of the population living along the Belt and Road.”


Ghassan Chebaro


President of Arab Scientific Publishers


“In order to maximize the response and involvement of the respective nations along the routes, the initiative must connect with regional economies. We believe that the Thai transport infrastructure will be a key component and important contributor to the success of the Belt and Road Initiative.”


Kin Chong Choi


Senior vice-president of Kasikorn Bank Public Co., Ltd., Thailand


“The Belt and Road Initiative will revive the Silk Road and is likely to bridge social, economic, and cultural gaps within the region in an open and inclusive manner. The initiative will also provide superior healthcare facilities, offer a better standard of living, and give many economic opportunities to the people.”


Fiaz Chaudhry


Managing director of Pakistan’s National Transmission and Dispatch Company, Ltd.