"Foreigners See China" Event Held in Guangdong


An event called "Foreigners See China – Innovative China" was held in Guangdong Province from April 19 to 21, sponsored by the State Council Information Office. It was attended by more than 20 diplomats and leading officials from 14 countries and international organizations, including Spain, Egypt, Hungary, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Trinidad and Tobago, the European Union and Russia.


During the three-day trip, the delegates exchanged views with Guangdong provincial leaders and officials on local economic reform and technological innovation. The delegates visited south China's largest technological incubation bases - the Huangpu scientific and technological innovation area in Guangzhou, the Songshan Lake high-tech development zone in Dongguan and the industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone in Dalingshan Town. They also visited the robot scientific research and innovation project of the South China Industrial Design and Research Institute, and attended the China Processing Trade Products Fair. The delegates expressed their recognition and affirmation of China's current development model.


The series of the events known as "Foreigners See China" is aimed at letting the world see China's development. The event has become a "window" through which foreigners can have a better understanding of China.


Source: State Council Information Office