Forum explores sound China-Japan ties

The 11th Beijing-Tokyo Forum has kicked off in Beijing on Saturday, with a focus on the long-term healthy development of China-Japan relations.

More than 500 delegates are at the forum, including experts on the economy, media, and politics. They will be discussing topics like security, trade, and culture.

This year's forum is focused on the topic of developing a sound and healthy China-Japan relationship.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda attended the opening ceremony and made a positive impression on the forum.

"No matter whether the political environment was good or bad, the forum has not been suspended. In the forums, people from China and Japan are able to exchange opinions on the problems of common interests. Especially, many non-governmental figures joined in the forum and gave frank opinions. I think these are important reference for both countries' governments."

Apart from traditional topics like trade and culture, security will also be discussed at this year's forum.

The Japanese government passed a new security bill last month, which allows Japan to send troops overseas for the first time since the end of World War Two.

The bills have triggered widespread protests at home and abroad.

On this issue, Fukuda says failure to properly recognize history is irresponsible, but he expects China and Japan will find new solutions to help solve problems.

"I think the current China-Japan relations should not continue for a long time. The two countries should be open minded and build a common target to make efforts to improve the relationship"

Zhou Mingwei is director of the China International Publishing Group, co-host of the forum.

He also shared the same notion with Yasuo Fukuda.

"Under new circumstances, learning how to deal with conflicts and crisis is an important issue. The Japanese government has passed a new security bill and many new problems have cropped up. Under such circumstances, it's necessary for the two countries to find solutions to deal with these problems."

The Former Japanese Prime Minister also calls for more bilateral communication at various fields.

"I think the communication is not enough, so there should be more, no matter if it's political or civil communication. The NHK Symphony Orchestra will present a show in Beijing in November. I hope such activities can be a regular communication action, rather than news in the media."

The forum has been held annually since 2005 to gather elites from both countries to exchanges views and enhance trust.

This year it is jointly organized by China International Publishing Group, and Genron NPO, a Japanese think tank.

Source: CRI