Chinese Enterprises Plow Ahead in Africa's Farm Machinery Market


and Optimization

Chinese manufacturers have also optimized their service systems to improve products and after-sales services.

To improve after-sales service, China-Africa Machinery has gradually unified personnel assignment and procurement channels to facilitate quality control, technical support and parts supply. Meanwhile, the unified personnel assignment has created an effective and efficient after-sales service in African countries.

During its “Entering Africa” campaign, Chery will set up its first service centers in Zimbabwe to provide technical support and after-sales services.

In Sudan, where there is a shortage of qualified mechanics, Foton Lovol has launched training programs for local salesmen and mechanics. They also periodically send their own mechanics, and have established a service station for parts storage and service vehicles. The company provides high quality replacement parts at a value of RMB 600,000, laying a solid foundation for its after-sale commitments.


QU XIAOLI is a journalist with International Business Daily.


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