CSR Zhuzhou Institute, In Pursuit of Proprietary Technologies


CSR Zhuzhou Institute’s production base for IGBT products. 

However, it’s no easy task to master the whole range of IGBT technologies in a short period. CSR Zhuzhou Institute adopted the acquisition-integration-innovation approach, and took advantage of global research resources to make technical breakthroughs.

In 2008, amid the global financial crisis, Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CSR Zhuzhou Institute, purchased the world renowned semiconductor producer Dynex Semiconductor, which immediately triggered ripples in the global industry.

Dynex Semiconductor is one of a few global manufacturers able to independently design and develop four-inch IGBT wafers. However, due to lack of application platforms and follow-up capital, Dynex’s IGBT technologies have failed to yield profits. CSR Zhuzhou Institute happens to have what Dynex lacks. Therefore, the two companies complement one other’s advantages to mutual benefit.

After the acquisition, CSR Zhuzhou Institute introduced a succession of initiatives. In 2010, it invested more than RMB 100 million to upgrade Dynex’s production lines; then in 2011, it invested another RMB 100 million to set up a research and development center in the U.K. With access to high-caliber talent and advanced technology in Western Europe, the research center has become an important platform for CSR Zhuzhou Institute to develop new IGBT technologies and products.

Meanwhile, the CSR institute quickens its pace in the industrialization of IGBT technologies. In 2009, it established China’s first IGBT module assembly and test line. Another major move followed in 2011, when it started to build China’s first eight-inch IGBT wafer fabrication line with an investment of RMB 1.5 billion.

The slew of measures has comprehensively upgraded the company’s technical level, narrowing the gap with the world’s leading companies.

After six years, the company has acquired over 30 core IGBT technologies and established a complete development and production system with the capacity for massive production. It is now the sole Chinese enterprise with the capacity for IGBT chip development, module assembly and test and systematic application.

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