China's Top Legislature Ends Bimonthly Session

China's top legislature ended a bimonthly session on Sunday, adopting a law on navigation channels, and giving go-ahead to ease investment rules in three new free trade zones (FTZs).

Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), presided over the closing meeting of the session.

The law on navigation channels aims at ensuring clear passage and security of the country's navigation channels, and boosting the economies for coastal regions.

Zhang said the law will better protect navigation safety and clear passage by establishing assessment mechanism over navigation conditions and clarifying supervision responsibilities.

According to the resolution on temporary adjustment of regulations for administrative approvals in the new FTZs adopted at the meeting, foreign companies will not need government approvals to set up ventures, shut down and merge ventures or change their business purpose in these FTZs.

Zhang said, the resolution provided legal support to the country's deepening reform, opening wider up and transforming government functions.

A draft national security law and a bill to regulate overseas NGOs in China were tabled for a first reading during the session, which was crucial to implementing the "overall national security outlook", Zhang said.

Also submitted for a first reading was a draft amendment to the air pollution prevention and control law. Zhang ordered lawmakers to actively address public concerns and write effective air pollution control laws.

The State Council delivered reports on China's social security system and on building new countryside, among other reports at the bi-monthly session. Zhang urged the State Council to learn and apply opinions raised by the NPC Standing Committee into their work.

The top legislature also appointed Luo Shugang as minister of culture and decided to convene the Third Session of the 12th NPC on March 5 next year.

Two new extradition treaties signed with Afghanistan and Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Counter-Terrorism Convention were approved at the meeting.

Source: Xinhua