China finishes construction of Ebola treatment center in Liberia

The construction of a 100-bed Ebola treatment center in Monrovia funded by the Chinese government was completed on Tuesday.

During the dedication ceremony, Cui Li, the head of the Chinese delegation and Vice Minister of China's National Health and Family Planning Commission, said her country cherishes the relationship with Liberia and this trend was a driving force for commencing the project which was finished within a month since approved by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

She said that three batches of 500 medical staff from China will being working in the center for six months to observe suspected Ebola patients and treat confirmed cases, as well as to provide training to healthcare workers in Liberia.

In remarks, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lauded China for its extraordinary support to Liberia's Ebola efforts.

"We reached out to our partners and one of the first to respond was China because China sent an aircraft that brought in some of the first equipment, materials and medicine," President Sirleaf said.

Since the outbreak, China has sent about 7.5 billion Yuan (about 122 million U.S. dollars) and more than 500 medical staff and public health experts to Ebola-hit countries in West Africa, according to official figures.

Source: Xinhua