Jinan Eco-Energy Brings Its Green Dream to the World


A tide of innovation is sweeping across China. For three years China has led the world in patent applications, carving a foothold in modern fields like high-speed trains, machinery exports and technical standards.

Every business in the industrial sector is braving the tide, struggling for survival while contributing to the competitive market dynamic. Among these is Jinan Eco-Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., a private technology company in Shandong Province. After 30 years of innovation, Eco-Energy is now the leader of China’s waste tire and plastic pyrolysis industry, with a well-established reputation abroad. The company now exports to America, Europe and other Asian countries.

The waste tire and plastic pyrolysis line developed by Jinan Eco-Energy. 

From Commodity Exporter to Tech Contributor

China has been the world’s workshop over the last several decades. This reputation comes at a high price in resources and environmental costs.

Niu Bin, Eco-Energy’s President and CEO, cherishes the Chinese dream of climbing to the top of world industrial chains and leading the world in technical innovations. “Over the past 30 years many Chinese industries have followed the technical standards of Western economies. Our dream is to change this situation, reshaping the map of global science and technology,” Niu said. He is one of many Chinese entrepreneurs committed to this mission.

Eco-Energy spends heavily on research and development. “I formerly overlooked the company’s financial wing,” said Administrative Chief Wang Zhongcheng. “I couldn’t understand how the company could still pay out such huge sums on research when its financial prospects were so dim. But it turns out that the company did the right thing.”

Unrelenting efforts by Eco-Energy have resulted in more than 40 domestic patents and many more abroad, which secure the company’s position at the forefront of world environmental protection technologies.

Coking and dynamic sealing are two of the problems facing the waste tire and plastic pyrolysis industry. A new production line developed by Eco-Energy breaks through these bottlenecks and consequently increases the recycle rate of waste tires to nearly 100 percent. In addition, the whole production process is smoke, dust, odor and noise free. The workshop is so clean and quiet that a visiting delegation doubted that the machines were working. Their suspicions were only resolved after they were allowed to see the machinery up close.

Eco-Energy’s production line boasts seven major technical breakthroughs. Because it operates under atmospheric pressure, the production process incurs fewer security risks than traditional processes. A new low-temperature polymer degradation procedure reduces energy use by 10 percent, improving safety and extending the lifespan of the machinery. Constant-temperature dynamic heating enables continuous operation and produces high-quality oil and gas products. New sulfur transfer technologies reduce emissions of pollutants to the European and U.S. standards. A new catalyst enhances the quality of gas, oil and carbon products. The production line’s output of fuel oil exceeds the industry average, and a unique hot sealing solution allows the line to run nonstop.

These technical advantages place Eco-Energy at the forefront of world environmental protection science and technology.

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