Technological Innovation Leads the Way in Enterprise Cultural Development

– Celebrating the Achievements of Henrianne Technology Co., Ltd





In-mold labeling pioneer Yang Ying. 

BEIJING Henrianne Technology Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise in China. It owns three subsidiaries including Beijing Yazhengyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd, which focuses on label printing, Beijing Huazheng United Packing Products Co., Ltd, whose main business covers plastic packaging, and Beijing Huibangjidian Advertisement and Media Co., Ltd.


Henrianne is a remarkable pioneer in the field of in-mold labeling (IML). By virtue of its cutting-edge equipment, advanced technologies, and experienced staff, it was the first in China to develop 18-liter IML products. The company is the only one of its kind in China to attach equal importance to the business of IML, blow molding, and injection molding. The company’s R&D center in Beijing covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters. In addition, its plants and offices occupy 9,000 square meters. Henrianne’s products are sold to over 20 provinces and cities in China and its clients operate in various fields including pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industry, and bioindustry, to name a few. The company’s success, to a large part, owes to its founder and president Yang Ying.


Yang was born in the 1950s. After graduating in 1983, he started work in a state-owned printing house. He worked as an intern at first, but later climbed the ranks to technician, workshop director, and eventually vice director of the printing house. His remarkable performance gained Yang an opportunity to work at the company’s branch plant in Shenzhen, the South China city that leads the printing industry. Having worked in the state-owned sector for more than 10 years, Yang Ying gained rich experience. However, he found big gaps in the quality between Chinese and overseas products. He also noted problems in the development strategies, management philosophies, and managerial modes of Chinese companies. In 2001, Yang, encouraged by the growing waves of start-ups, resigned from his state-owned job and set up Henrianne Technology Co., Ltd. Over the years, he has adhered to the philosophies he initiated – persisting in integrity, striving for innovation, and seeking a win-win outcome.


It was when the company was contracted to design packaging for China Na



The success of Henrianne Technology Co., Ltd is largely due to its assiduous and conscientious workers. 

tional Petroleum Corporation that Yang Ying found problems in the printing process that a common adhesive label could not fix. At that time, he had learned that IML had been widely used in the overseas market. IML is the use of molded paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers. Hence, Yang introduced new equipment into his company and piloted IML technology in China. The success of using IML for the packaging of China National Petroleum Corporation’s products opened up further opportunities for Henrianne.


Blow molding and injection molding are two major methods to produce containers in which IML is adopted. Henrianne initially used blow molding, but later Yang observed that injection molding was more prevalent overseas, especially in Australia, the U.S., and Europe. However, all over the world, printing and injection molding are separate technologies. Yang and his colleagues made unremitting efforts to combine these two technologies.


Today, Henrianne is the world’s sole company capable of conducting the complete IML process from design and printing to manufacturing products that integrates injection molding and blow molding. Besides, although an IML container produced by Henrianne is 100 grams lighter than a regular one, the quality is as good. One hundred does not seem very impressive, but it means a lot to manufacturers of coatings and lubricating oil. Factories cooperating with Henrianne use nearly a hundred million containers every year. Just imagine how much in materials they save by using Henrianne’s products. Moreover, this technology is beneficial to energy conservation and emissions reduction.


Yang is a visionary businessman with pioneering and innovative perceptions who has endured the challenges of the market. When sharing his business concepts, Yang pointed out that running a business is a thought process. Ancient Chinese philosopher Xunzi wrote in his Encouraging Learning that a noble person recites and reiterates so as to integrate, and reflects and ponders so as to comprehend. Yang Ying interprets this as thinking profoundly and making progress by innovation. A businessman should avoid daydreaming and set a clear goal and direction, and seek an actual outcome. According to Yang, when a company takes the majority market share, it is not a chance to expand blindly. Rather, it is time for the leader to consider bringing forth new ideas, developing in diversified ways, upgrading the business, and improving service.


 Henrianne Technology Co., Ltd has become one of China’s leading label printing enterprises.

Yang Ying also explained his understanding of enterprise culture. He believes that enterprise culture is a company’s value, vision, mission, and way of thinking shared by all its members and passed down to newcomers. Representing the received ways of thinking, moral ideas, and standards of behavior, enterprise culture embraces the core managerial philosophy of a firm. It can be deemed as a characteristic cultural form constituted by the company’s values, faith, and modus operandi.


Yang Ying elaborated on the enterprise culture of his company. First, the company cherishes product quality as it does life. Safety is a guarantee of product quality. Henrianne endeavors to shorten the delivery cycle and meet various customer demands on the premise of ensuring reliable quality. Meanwhile, it makes great efforts to shape eminent images of the company and its products. Second, based on the company’s goals, its social responsibility, and customer benefits, Henrianne sets a series of normative systems on business behavior and after-sales service. Besides, the company emphasizes rationally balancing interpersonal relationships in and outside the company. Third, the company’s rules and regulations in such fields as employment, production, work post responsibility, rewards, and penalties are constantly improving. Last but not least, the company encourages lifelong learning, participation, contribution, cooperation, and innovation, which is an amalgamation of modern thinking and the firm’s character, an embodiment of the company’s managerial principles, and value criteria, as well as a foundation of its enterprise culture.


In pursuing a successful business, Henrianne sticks to market-oriented and people-oriented values while supporting an efficient team. The company’s spirit is reflected in its ways of handling the relations between shareholders, staff, clients, and the public as well as its values as regards profits, administration, and mutual benefits to society.


In Chinese, Yang Ying’s given name refers to the splendor of jade. Yang, indeed, brings brilliance to his company. His experience and achievements inspire and encourage those who wish to start their own business and those who are working hard to fulfill their dreams.