Call for Stronger U.S.-China Relations: An Iowa Famer and Xi's "Old Friend" Says

Call for Stronger U.S.-China Relations: An Iowa Famer and Xi's "Old Friend" Says


Before U.S. President Donald Trump embarks his first state visit to China, China Today interviewed Rick Kimberley, "old friend" of Chinese President Xi jinping. In 2012, Rick Kimberley hosted Xi at his farm and talked about the farm operation and agriculture technologies. Via emails, Rick Kimberley expressed his view on what stronger bilateral relations brought to his farm.


"A strong global economy will improve the wellbeing of everyone in the world. With the advent of open markets and an open economy, it is good news for trade opportunities that mutually benefit the United States and China by becoming world partners and fostering economic cooperation between the two largest economies. As China seeks to improve the standard of living for its people with expanded urbanization, protein consumption will continue to increase.


"The United States is a reliable supplier of soybeans, corn, pork, dairy, beef and eggs. Iowa has had a long-standing relationship with President Xi and it is our desire to help grow an even stronger relationship with all of the people of China. The U.S. and China can work together to accomplish mutual goals, including improved food safety, environmental protection, quality assurance and security, along with global stability. The more we can engage and cooperate with each other, the better quality of life for everyone. "