Japan risks being more isolated on South China Sea: China

China said on Thursday that Japan should reflect why it has become the "small minority" on theSouth China Sea issue, otherwise it will get increasingly disappointed and isolated.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the comment in response to Japanese media reports that Japan will continue to work with the international community to urge China to comply with international law and accept the "award" of the South China Sea arbitration.

"Japan seems reluctant to give up its fancy of forcing China to accept the so-called award, despite the South China Sea littoral states, including the claimants, have expressed willingness to cooperate with China," Lu said.

During the foreign ministers' meeting between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the Lao capital of Vientiane this week, China and ASEAN have agreed the South China Sea disputes should be resolved peacefully through dialogue between directly concerned countries.

Most of the members attending the meeting made no mention of the South China Sea arbitration but advocated the issue should cool down as soon as possible, Lu said.

More than 80 countries and international organizations have expressed understanding and support to China's stance on the South China Sea disputes. Only a couple of countries are uttering the "award" is "legally binding and in compliance with international law," the spokesperson said.

Lu said the few countries should follow the impartial position of the majority of the international community rather than the majority compromises to the minority.

The "award" is invalid from the beginning and runs counter to international law and arbitral practices. China has always safeguarded the international law and hopes Japan will do the same, instead of misinterpreting and distorting the international rules, Lu said.

Some people in Japan might be disappointed with the outcomes of the ASEAN-related foreign ministers' meetings. Indeed, they have been disappointed with the results of other multilateral events too, Lu said.

He urged these people to calm down and reflect why they have become the small minority on the South China Sea issue. "If they go farther and farther in the wrong way, they will get increasingly disappointed and isolated."

China hopes Japan can face reality and historical trend, comply with international law and order, and contribute to regional peace, stability, harmony and prosperity rather than the opposite, the spokesperson added.

Source: Xinhua