To Live – Modern Chinese Performance Art in Berlin

Appeal across Borders

In To Live Berlin experienced world class theater, but with markedly Chinese characteristics. Breaking with many theatrical conventions, under Meng’s direction the Chinese performers explored new avenues of expression.

“Some scenes in the play deeply touched me,” Norbert S. from Berlin said after the performance. Karin M. from Frankfurt/Oder added: “It was a poetic performance. What moved me in particular was that the message reaches far beyond national borders.”

Volker R., who came from Nauen to see the play, said: “The drama was characterized by touching moments and unbearable tragedy. It tests how much strength a man – in this case a Chinese man – is able to find to endure profound suffering without losing the courage to face the rest of his life.”

A couple from Berlin said: “The play had an extraordinary density. It had moments of contemplation as well as bizarre irony.”

After an unforgettable night of theater, the audience, evenly divided between Chinese and Europeans, enthusiastically greeted the performance with hearty applause and loud “bravos” and “haos.” To Live was a theatrical event which will surely be remembered in the German capital and beyond it.


Meng Jinghui, one of China’s most celebrated avant-garde theater directors. 


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