Diqing – Plateau Wonderland

 The Ganden Songtsen Ling Monastery.

Meri Snow Mountain

Lost Horizon depicted a tranquil realm where canyons are embraced by snowy mountains and a pyramid-like snowcapped peak. Kawagarbo, the summit of Meri Snow Mountain, is the peak described in the novel.

Snowy mountains are among the major scenic attractions in Diqing. Apart from Meri, the Baimang, Haba, Balagengzong snow-covered mountains tower in this region. Among them, Kawagarbo, the highest peak of Meri, one of the eight holy mountains in Tibetan Buddhism, is the most mysterious and formidable. Over the past years, many mountaineers and explorers have striven to reach its summit, but none have succeeded. This inapproachability has a powerful appeal for mountaineers and tourists.

 Pastureland in autumn.

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