Quan Ruixian: For People’s Safety

By staff reporters YANG LU, HU BIN & MA BEN

FROM health care worker to property mogul, and then later researcher of natural hazards such as earthquakes and smog, Quan Ruixian, president of Huirui Property Service Co., Ltd, applies her unique view to survey, research and explore the secrets of nature.

Quan Ruixian gives an interview during the 12th China Scientists Forum.

Winning over the Market via Innovation and Integrity


China Today: We have heard that you work in real estate, and that your company was the first private real estate enterprise in Zhanjiang City.


Quan Ruixian: Yes, I used to be a health care worker. In 1993, however, I was transferred to Zhanjiang Education Real Estate Agency. Two years later, I decided to establish Hongsheng Trading Co., Ltd, and changed the name to Hongsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd, in 1996. It became the first private real estate company approved by the Zhanjiang Construction Commission. With 2012 came the establishment of Huirui Property Service Co., Ltd, whose main business involves property management, real estate development and commercial operation.


With guaranteed quality as our watchword, in 1997 we spent only eight months on building the Nanfang Building, which reached full occupancy within a year. The Xinchun Building – our ensuing project – also spawned a sales miracle. In 2002 we developed Mingyayuan, a multifunctional and fashionable high-end housing complex that rapidly sold out. I was really fortunate to have made a hit and earn “the first bucket of gold” from my first business.


China Today: You succeeded in your first business venture and became famous in the real estate industry in southern China. How did you do that? Is there any impressive trick or secret to your success?


Quan Ruixian: In my view, doing business requires one to be courageous and knowledgeable, but it also depends on wisdom and diligence.


I firmly believe that innovation is the vital force for an enterprise, and that integrity can win over the world. Since we established Hongsheng, we have enshrined the precepts of a people orientation, superior quality, and winning over the market through integrity in our management policy.


Developing an old urban district is a headache for any developer. For example, one of our projects sits next to a middle school, and the sewer line adjoins the school. In order to ensure work deadlines and not disrupt learning, I managed to contact the deputy district head tasked with oversight of education and the director general of urban construction. Together with the headmaster, we formed a coordination team. After rounds of negotiation and coordination, we hit upon a method that did not affect school instruction while also ensuring that construction proceeded with celerity and was completed on schedule. In such case, first, we consider the other side’s stance, then look at solutions, and negotiate and consult with one another via sincere dialogues and actions. After gaining each other’s understanding and support, problems become susceptible to satisfactory resolution.


Lots of “unexpected contingencies” need to be solved during business operations, and this tests an entrepreneur’s wisdom and mettle. I used to draw up and draft official documents and print leaflets personally. Who would have thought that such low-cost advertising could have created a precedent for real estate marketing in Zhanjiang?


China Today: Talent and quality are the keys to enterprise development. How do you grasp hold of these in practice?


Quan Ruixian: As president, I place cultivation and management of talent first. At work, I am meticulous and appoint people according to merit, erecting a platform for employees to develop their abilities. After work, I sincerely care for them. If they have any family concerns, I help them generously, gaining their trust and support through my heartfelt concern.


Quality is the life of an enterprise. In order to guarantee quality, I initially worked on-site everyday to learn knowledge relating to real estate, such as construction, concrete casting, electrical power supply and heating, hoping to become an adept. Furthermore, a strict system of quality control was instituted. From material purchases to construction, each link is carried out according to rigid operating instructions. This strict quality supervision has ensured project safety.


Studying Earthquakes through New Ways of Thinking


China Today: Years after starting your business, you have not only generated great wealth for society, but also become prominent as a modern female entrepreneur. In 2014, you won the “China’s Pride: Model Entrepreneur on the Cutting Edge” award. But why do you study earthquakes – a field quite distant from your business?


Quan Ruixian: Yes, the two fields have little common ground. Personal interest impels me to study earthquakes. I have been curious about natural phenomena since childhood.


China Today: How do you study earthquakes? Any special method?


Quan Ruixian: As the poet observes, “No one can tell Mt. Lu’s true face who dwells deep within its embrace.” As a businesswoman, I need to seek out new ways of thinking to be able to spot the signs and regular occurrences that precede an earthquake. Since 1999, I have read many books about earthquakes and looked up all manner of relevant information, hoping to gain inspiration from it. Like a detective, I also gathered as much relevant information as possible relating to such aspects as climate, landforms, and anomalous changes in rivers, lakes and seas, as well as geological disasters and major accidents at home and abroad. Via tracing, analysis, thinking and comparison, I have diligently conducted systematic research.


China Today: Has your research elicited any new discoveries?


Quan Ruixian: I have made four discoveries. First, tectonic plate movement is not a factor in, but a manifestation of seismic activity. Second, many “omens” precede an earthquake, and most of these follow certain patterns. Third, the international standard that fixes the range within which an epicenter is determined as being within 100 km is non-objective and unscientific. Finally, major disastrous events such as plane crashes, ship wrecks, derailments, gas explosions and fires readily occur before or after earthquakes, which are inextricably bound up with changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.


China Today: What do you think causes earthquakes?


Quan Ruixian: In my opinion, the primary cause of earthquakes is the gravitational influence of celestial bodies, barycenter instability, and gravity imbalance under the combined action of the Earth’s revolution and rotation, as well as the Earth’s gravity. To be specific, the gravitational influence of celestial bodies, barycenter instability and gravity imbalance are external causes, while the Earth’s revolution, rotation and its gravity are internal factors. Under the circumstance of an unstable barycenter, imbalanced gravity or disequilibrium between a celestial body’s gravity and gravitational force accelerates the movement of the Earth’s interior matter, generating an enormous impact force that induces earthquakes in vulnerable areas. In addition, the formation of fault zones and seismic belts is also caused by barycenter instability and gravity imbalance.


I believe that in actuality earthquakes are not really unpredictable. Earthquake prediction should not be defined by traditional theory. Only by adopting dynamic, developmental and brand-new methods of thinking to engage in real-time monitoring can we capture information on earthquake development and progression and thus stand a chance of predicting earthquakes.


Curbing Smog via the Concept of Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature


China Today: You also study means of controlling smog, and have received the compliments and validation of many experts. Could you offer us a detailed introduction?


Quan Ruixian: Smog has become increasingly severe in recent years. No matter who you are or where you live, as long as you breathe, you have to suffer it.


Through research I find that smog is caused by human overdevelopment, excessive consumption of energy resources and damage to the Earth’s internal structure. Smog, in turn, is our planet’s self-adjustment by auto-motion, a mode of manifesting an auto-balance.


In addition to the three generally acknowledged causes of smog generation, I also discovered two that have generally been overlooked. On the one hand, along with the expansion of urbanization, the ever-extending transport network keeps increasing the area of surfaced land. Rainfall cannot fully permeate the ground and so runs off and is discharged directly into the sea. Soil dries up because of lack of rainwater, thus generating more dust. On the other hand, the acceleration of the urbanization process is destroying much natural vegetation. Nature’s waste accommodation mechanism has been compromised, and the effective exchange between man and nature has become grievously unbalanced.


China Today: Based on your research, how should we control smog?


Quan Ruixian: The key is to promote the awareness of the “harmonious co-existence between humans and nature.”


First, it is necessary to establish national planning of urban construction and urban-rural development, so controlling the urban scale, rationally re-ordering the rural-urban pattern, and effectively allocating population density per ecological resources, as well as devising sound production and living spaces and transportation networks. We should try our best to maintain the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and establish a favorable ecological environment.


Second is reducing the production, discharge and accumulation of contamination and so gradually realize effective conversion between man and nature. We should also enlarge urban green spaces and remediate natural vegetation, effectively increase the space for exchanges between humans and nature, and establish a natural conversion mechanism for pollutants.


Third, rainwater must be conserved. We should build more urban wetland parks, reduce the area of compacted ground, and pave water-permeable sidewalks and roads. This can not only reduce fugitive dust, lower temperatures and moisten soil, but also achieve a benign interaction and virtuous circle between human activities and nature.


Fourth, it is important to popularize scientific knowledge and enhance citizens’ environmental awareness.


China Today: You have advanced from health care worker to successful entrepreneur, to researcher of earthquakes and smog who has expounded your own conclusions. How were you able to do it all?


Quan Ruixian: One’s energy and abilities have limits. Sometimes, it is difficult to do even one thing successfully, let alone several. In a manner of speaking, this is even more difficult for a woman. One should do something meaningful in one’s life. Seeking joy amidst hardship: this I think is worthwhile. For scientific research, I rarely get directly involved in the management of my company, but expend large amounts of time, energy and money studying earthquakes and smog. I do not follow authority’s lead like a sheep, but dare to issue challenges, and I like to open up new avenues of thinking and research. These are my lessons, and what distinguishes me from other researchers.