Capital, human resources and technology exchange strengthens China-ASEAN ties: experts

Complex world situation and its challenges make it imperative for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China to put all efforts into seeking cooperation and development while minimizing all possible impediments, Lao Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaphao Eunthavanh said here Wednesday.

The deputy minister made the comments in an address to academics and researchers gathered in the Lao capital for the third Network of ASEAN-China Think Tanks seminar, state-run media Vientiane Times reported.

China's capabilities in various spheres, including capital, human resources, and technology would continue to contribute to development in ASEAN members states over coming decades, said Khaphao.

"As a result, if the two sides could collaborate with each other and enhance their cooperation through the existing mechanism such as Belt and Road initiative, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or other forthcoming projects, it is believed that this will contribute to significant and outstanding development of our region."

Director of Institute of Asian Studies at China Foreign Affairs University Professor Wei Ling noted cooperation between China and ASEAN in peace and security, with China the first country outside the region to sign the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia as well as to support the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone and be upgraded from dialogue partner to strategic partner.

She said both China and the members of the 10-member ASEAN bloc share the aspirations for progress and prosperity while being pragmatic in the design and conduct of cooperation measures.

Director General of Institute of Foreign Affairs of Laos Yong Chanthalangsy mentioned the fruitfulness of ASEAN-China relations, which he said resulted from the commencement of the bilateral dialogue partnership in 1991, which further upgraded to full dialogue partnership in 1996 and strategic partnership in 2003.

"As a result, China and ASEAN have enjoyed rapid growth in the fields of trade, political understanding, as well as cultural and educational exchanges," Yong said.

Source: Xinhua