China firmly opposes Japan's defense white paper: defense ministry

Chinese Defense Ministry on Tuesday expressed strong opposition to Japan's defense white paper for 2016, calling the annual document hostile to the Chinese military and deceptive to the international community.

"The white paper issued on August 2, full of hackneyed expressions, distorts China's justified and reasonable defense construction and heightens issues in the South China Sea and the East China Sea," said Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian in a statement.

"Filled with hostilities to the Chinese military, it stirs up trouble between China and its neighbors, and deceives the international community, " Wu said.

He said the Chinese military has lodged solemn representations with Japan over the white paper.

In the 480-page white paper, Japan devoted some 30 pages to remarks on China's national defense and normal, legal maritime activities in the East and South China seas.

Source: Xinhua