Chinese bank wants to finance Mauritius fishing port

A high level delegation from the China Development Bank has made a trip to Mauritius as part of a financial assessment mission planned for the construction of a fishing port at Bain des Dames, near the harbour in Mauritius, Port-Louis.

The mission is led by General Manager Mr. Zhang Huaguo, and also includes the Director International Cooperation Business Department, Mr. Shao Rui. The evaluation exercise will last about a month.

The bank has expressed interest to finance the fishing port project, whose promoter is LHF Marine Development Ltd. It relates to establishing a fully equipped port infrastructure, with the key to building a long quay of 700 meters of the sea. The port will have facilities for processing and storage of seafood.

Some 500 jobs should be directly created.

Once financial evaluation completed, the Chinese bank looks forward to implementing all recommendations. Work should begin in mid-2016.

The Bain des Dames fishing port is a major component in the transformation of the port of Port Louis in a Maritime Regional Hub which will include, among others, bunkering facilities, a cruise port, a marina, a free port and new spaces for containers.

Some two weeks ago, Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, Xavier-Luc Duval conceded that the project faced more difficulties than expected but that the Mauritian government is keen to proceed with it.

Source: Xinhua