Chinese President Calls for Win-win Cooperation between China, EU

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday met with Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, and called for developing win-win cooperation between China and the European Union (EU).

Against the backdrop of economic globalization, China and Europe has become a community of a shared destiny with their interests highly interwoven, Xi said, adding that win-win cooperation is the key to cementing the China-EU relationship.

The two sides should grasp the opportunities for cooperation created by China's development and Europe's economic recovery, implement the Strategic Agenda 2020 for China-EU Cooperation, and turn the current pattern of cooperation, which has trade as the major driving force, into one that is more comprehensive, robust, high-end and driven by multiple engines.

China and the EU should respect each other's path of development and social system, strengthen dialogue and exchange on reform, enhance mutual understanding and trust, and always uphold the principles of mutual respect, equality, seeking common ground while putting aside differences,and win-win cooperation, said the Chinese leader.

The two sides should work together to manage trade and economic problems through equal dialogue and friendly consultation, Xi said, expressing the hope that the EU will keep its market open and take a very cautious approach while considering trade remedy measures.

He also called for closer bilateral cooperation in international affairs and joint efforts to promote the building of just, reasonable and effective international rules.

Hailing the momentum of the EU-China strategic relationship, Barroso said the EU appreciates China's support to the EU in times of difficulties.

The EU also supports China's efforts to achieve development and prosperity, keeps a close eye on China's reform and opening up, and is willing to be China's comprehensive strategic partner, he said.

The EU stands ready, with the Strategic Agenda 2020 for China-EU Cooperation as a guide, to promote trade and investment with China as they are negotiating an investment agreement and a free trade deal, the EU leader said.

He expressed the hope that the EU and China will expand cooperation in areas such as urbanization, innovation and people-to-people exchanges, adding the two sides should properly resolve trade disputes over wireless telecommunication equipment and other products through negotiations.

The EU is willing to maintain communication and coordination with China on such issues as climate change and global governance, said Barroso.


Source: Xinhua