Chinese Premier Hears Opinions on Gov't Work Report

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday held a symposium to solicit opinions from leaders of non-communist political parties on the draft of an annual government work report.

Leaders shared their views on the government's work in 2013 and made suggestions on the work in 2014 at the symposium, according to a statement issued after the gathering.

The participants offered suggestions in a wide range of areas, including deepened reforms of the administrative system, the national marine economy strategy, resolving overcapacity and reforms to the medical and healthcare system.

Chen Changzhi, chairman of the Central Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, said that the market should play a better role in resolving overcapacity, and that management of government debt should be enhanced.

Yan Junqi, chairwoman of the Central Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy, said that the government should focus more on building a sound environment of ruling by law and fair competition.

Li exchanged ideas on major topics with the group and expressed his thanks to non-communist parties and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, as well as personages without party affiliation for their long-term support for the government's work.

The premier said that the State Council, or China's Cabinet, will seriously study and adopt their opinions, adding that consensus needs to be built in order to resolve challenging issues in development and push forward reform.

A number of senior officials including vice Premier Zhang Gaoli also attended the symposium.

China has eight non-communist political parties that participate in state affairs under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Under the multi-party cooperation system, the CPC and non-communist parties work together and supervise each other.


Source: Xinhua