Chinese, Russian Presidents Hold Talks on Bilateral Ties

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, here Thursday for talks on bilateral ties.

The two leaders reviewed the important achievements in the China-Russia ties in the past year, made strategic plans for the bilateral cooperation in the new year and reached important consensuses on the strategic coordination on major international and regional issues.

While expressing his delight to be invited to the opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, Xi referred to the pleasant concurrence of the Sochi Olympics and the Chinese Spring Festival.

Sochi's hosting of the major international sports event serves as a symbol that Russia is on its way to prosperity under the leadership of Putin, added the Chinese president.

Calling China and Russia good neighbors, good partners and good friends, Xi said he came to Russia to offer his congratulations in person as is customary for the Chinese people to do upon their neighbors' joyous occasions.

He also voiced his confidence that, with Russia's careful preparations, the Sochi Winter Olympics will be a splendid and unforgettable sports event and make fresh contributions to the Olympic cause.

Additionally, Xi extended his wishes that the Sochi Winter Olympic Games be a complete success and that Chinese and Russian athletes score good results.

For his part, Putin conveyed his hearty welcome to Xi and thanked the Chinese president for traveling to Sochi to share the magnificent occasion with the Russian people.

Noting that the Chinese Spring Festival is a time for the Chinese people to visit relatives and friends, Putin said Xi's trip to Russia is exactly a reunion with a good friend.

The Russian president also wished Xi and the Chinese people a happy Lunar New Year and the Chinese athletes excellent results in the Sochi Olympic Games.

On China-Russia ties, Xi said the important cooperation consensus he reached with Putin had been well implemented with the efforts of both sides, and that new achievements were made in various fields.

Noting that he valued the sound development of China-Russia ties, Xi said he is ready to make joint efforts with Putin to advance the bilateral relations.

Xi called on the two countries to continue to tap their huge potentials, nurture new growth points in cooperation and smoothly push forward the cooperation in large strategic projects, adding such projects as increasing oil and natural gas supplies to China, expanding oil pipeline and jointly building oil refinery, should be implemented as scheduled.

China welcomes Russia to participate in the construction of the Silk Road economic belt and a maritime silk road, so as to make them new platforms for the development of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, he said.

He also called on the two countries to guarantee the successful holding of the China-Russia Youth Year of Friendship Exchanges in 2014 and 2015.

Xi pointed out that China and Russia have kept close cooperation on major international and regional issues, listing the joint mission of escorting the shipments of Syria's chemical weapons.

China and Russia should continue to deepen consultation and cooperation on major international issues and jointly safeguard peace, security and stability of the region and the world at large, the Chinese president added.

The two leaders also agreed to hold activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War and the 70th anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 2015, so as to remember the history and educate future generations.

Putin, for his part, said the bilateral ties have been developing rapidly and made outstanding achievements.

The Russian leader said he is confident that bilateral trade will hit 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.

The Russian side is delighted to see the significant increase of Chinese investment, Putin said, adding the two countries have carried out smooth cooperation in the fields of energy, military and security.

The joint mission of escorting the shipments of Syrian chemical weapons showed that Russia and China made great contributions to safeguarding world peace and regional security, he said.

The Russian president said he is ready to keep close contact with Xi in the new year and jointly advance cooperation in oil and natural gas exploitation, nuclear energy, aviation, telecommunications and people-to-people exchanges.

Russia responds actively to China's proposals of building the Silk Road economic belt and a maritime silk road, Putin said.

Putin said the Nazi forces' aggression toward European countries including the Soviet Union, and the serious crimes committed by the Japanese imperialist military in China and other Asian countries can not be forgotten, adding that Russia is willing to make joint efforts with China to hold commemorative activities.

The two leaders also exchange views on situations in Ukraine and on the Korean Peninsula.

Xi arrived in this Russian resort city earlier Thursday to attend the opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. The three-day visit is his first foreign trip this year.

Source: Xinhua