China’s CSR on the Global Market Fast Track – An Interview with Xu Zongxiang, vice president of China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR)

China Today: To date, with which countries has CSR collaborated on projects or investments? What is CSR’s overseas development strategy for the future?

Xu Zongxiang: Finished locomotives and parts produced by CSR have been exported to 83 countries and regions all over the world. For example, we export electric locomotives and diesel locomotives to South Africa, Australia,

 Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Argentina and some Middle Eastern countries; we export subway trains to Turkey, India, Singapore and Malaysia; and we export diesel multiple units and electric multiple units to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Namibia, Tunisia and Georgia.

Over the years, CSR has transformed from simply selling products to providing a one-stop solution combining products, technology and service. Currently, in countries with the brightest economic prospects, we actively implement localization projects and participate in the local economic construction. We have built or plan to build production and service bases in Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Argentina. Take our project in Ankara as an example. We built a base there, hiring local employees and transferring our technology. As CSR earns a better global reputation, the countries that receive our exports put forward higher requirements in terms of localization and technology transfer. As an international enterprise, we shoulder the responsibility of contributing to the development of local employment, technology and economy through cooperation.

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