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International Comments
Foreign Diplomats Confident in China's Economy and Social Harmony
Global Community Praises CPC Direction
China's New Leaders Steeped in Pragmatism
Overseas Chinese, Chinese-language Media Give Prominence to CPC Congress
Russia Interested in CPC National Congress
Foreign Leaders Congratulate CPC on National Congress
China Choking on Its Own Prosperity
Musharraf Sends Best Wishes
Hu Promises More Open China in Future
World Organizations Praise Hu's Vision
US Welcomes Cross-straits Peace Proposal
Rising Stars in China Party Promise Gentler Growth
China Positions No Threat for Russia
Foreign Parties, Organizations Offer Congratulations on Convening of 17th CPC National Congress
Hu Keeps Emphasis on Rapid Development
Hu Jintao Pledges to Tackle Wealth Gap and Corruption in China
Hu's Keynote Speech Attracts the World's Media
Global Media Closely Follow China's Key Party Congress
Sri Lankan Party Leader Gives Good Wishes to CPC's Congress
China's Hu Pledges Reform with Party in Charge
Plotting China’s Future
Recovering Castro Sends Congratulations to CPC
EP President Says CPC Congress "Important"


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