17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Global Community Praises CPC Direction

In his report to the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Hu Jintao has made it clear that China will follow the path of peaceful development. He also promised stepped up efforts in strengthening environmental protection.

Leading global organizations from around the world, including the United Nations, have spoken highly of the CPC's policies.

The UN Resident Coordinator and Development Program Representative says he is greatly impressed by China's commitment to environmental protection.

Khalid malik, UNDP representative,China,said, "The environment center to future We have to protect the environment. China has made progress so far. It must have more progress."

Meanwhile, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization representative says China has made great contributions to the world food supply, and in agricultural development.

Victoria Sekitoleko, FAO representative,China, said, "China's producing to the world. The world is grateful to China's contributions."

In his report to the CPC National Congress on Monday, Hu Jintao promised that China will continue to power the engine of economic growth by quadrupling the year 2000's per capita value of gross domestic production -- by the year 2020. But he says the rapid growth must come with reduced consumption of resources and greater efforts in environmental protection.

(CCTV October 20, 2007)



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