17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Rising Stars in China Party Promise Gentler Growth

Two men widely tipped as future leaders of China gave glimpses of their agenda on Tuesday, promising gentler, more environmentally sound growth, a contrast with the get-rich-quick attitude of recent boom years.

Both stuck closely to President Hu Jintao's key themes at a Party Congress which opened this week -- the need for a "harmonious society" that spreads wealth more equally, and a "scientific outlook of development" that balances growth with environmental sustainability.

"In the process of promoting economic development, we must promote a harmonious society," Li Keqiang said at a delegation discussion on Hu's opening speech to the Congress.

"The goal of our development is for the people to enjoy the benefits of development," added Li, looking relaxed as he fluently poured forth statistics, goals and slogans.

Xi Jinping, who was parachuted into his job earlier this year after predecessor Chen Liangyu was dramatically sacked for corruption, said glamorous and wealthy Shanghai would not forget its poorest and do more for the environment.

"Scientific development is all about people. We must pay more attention to people's livelihoods ... like disadvantaged groups, people in the

(The Star, Malaysia)



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