17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Foreign Leaders Congratulate CPC on National Congress

More countries, parties, organizations and their leaders from around the world have congratulated the Communist Party of China (CPC) on its ongoing 17th National Congress.

Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, president of the Republic of Sudan and chairman of the Sudanese National Congress, said in his congratulatory message that China has made strides toward an all-round national rejuvenation following the policy of reform, opening-up and social development.

He spoke highly of the enormous efforts China and the CPC have made to support Sudan in realizing peace, stability and all-round development, and said he is willing to further enhance cooperation between his party and the CPC.

Nafie Ali Nafie, vice chairman of the Sudanese National Congress and assistant of the president, and Kamal Mohamed Obeid, secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Sudanese National Congress, have also sent congratulatory messages.

Jose de Venecia, speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives and leader of the LAKAS-Christian Muslim Democratic Party, expressed warm congratulations to the CPC on its 17th National Congress, and wished the congress a complete success.

In his message, Venecia said the CPC has led the great Chinese people along the path of modernization. China's economy has become an engine of the global economy, and China's political influence a force for international stability.

Abdullah al-Ahmar, deputy general secretary of the Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party of Syria, said in his message that on behalf of the party leadership and in his own name, he sincerely wished the CPC's 17th National Congress a success and could reach its goal of formulating guiding principles and policies for consolidating its reform and opening-up.

These principles and policies, the message said, will embody China's influence on the world and its constructive role, on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs, in the process of realizing justice, peace and cooperation, in getting rid of power politics, opposing aggression and hegemonic policies, and in settling international disputes peacefully through the United Nations as well as establishing a multi-polar world, in the process of achieving human progress.

The message said the Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party is very pleased with the development of the friendly relationship of cooperation between the two parties and the two peoples. This relationship is conducive to the building of a secure, peaceful, stable and prosperous world, on the basis of justice, equality, the elimination of discrimination, the realization of democracy among countries, respect for the sovereignty of other countries and their own roads of development, and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, it said.

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the Party of European Socialists, said the CPC's 17th National Congress was convened at a very important moment in China's development, and that the congress is not only of great importance to the Chinese people, but will also have an impact on the whole world. He hoped the CPC could realize China's modernization successfully, gain better economic development, and obtain more social equality and justice.

Rasmussen said it conforms to the common interests of both China and Europe to continue the development of the fruitful Sino-European relations, and he wished the CPC's 17th National Congress a success.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French prime minister and first vice-president of the Union for a Popular Movement of France, affirmed the union's support for French-Chinese friendly policies, saying that France, from General Charles de Gaulle in 1964 to the current French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is always a faithful partner of China's peaceful development.

Piero Fassino, national secretary of Democrats of the Left of Italy, expressed his best wishes on the convening of the CPC's 17th National Congress and wished the congress a smooth session. He said the congress is of great significance in Chinese history and has caught worldwide attention.

He noted that China has been playing a major role that has an impact worldwide, and that China's rapid development in recent years has not only realized fast economic growth but also placed China in an important position in international economy and trade.

Jose Lello, international secretary of the Socialist Party of Portugal, expressed the hope that the Congress produce fruitful results and lay a solid and stable foundation for China's future development. He wished the CPC make greater achievements in the future.

Mushahid Hussain Sayed, secretary general of the Pakistan Muslim League, congratulated the CPC on the successful opening of its 17th National Congress and wished the congress a success. In his message, Sayed said that under the leadership of the CPC with Hu Jintao as its general secretary, China has enhanced its international prestige, the living standards of the people have been raised, and the government has improved its administration. China has steadfastly defended the principles that a country's sovereignty cannot be violated and internal affairs no interfered.

The Pakistan Muslim League believes that the CPC congress is of epoch-making significance in China's march toward building a harmonious and prosperous society and will strengthen China's role as a major factor in maintaining peace, security and stability in Asia, which will ensure an even brighter future for the Chinese and the Asian people, he said.

The Pakistan Muslim League sincerely hoped that China can realize the goal of building a well-off society at an early date, and that the friendship between the two parties, the two countries and the two peoples will keep moving forward, he said.

Kalumba Kalumba, national secretary of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy of Zambia, said in his message that the great success achieved by the CPC in the economic, political and diplomatic fields is a testimony to the great vision of the founding fathers of the CPC.

Zambia, under the leadership of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, firmly supports the CPC's policy of attaching importance to developing friendly relations with political parties in African countries, and is willing to make efforts in developing and deepening the friendly relations between the two parties. Zambia will, as always, stick to the one-China policy, he said.

Other leaders, parties and organizations include:

Hakainde Hichilema, president of Zambia's United Party for National Development;

Seyyed Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi, chairman of the Central Council of Iran Parties House;

Cagri Erhan, deputy chairman of the Democratic Party of Turkey;

Emil Boc, president of the Democratic Party of Romania, and Sorin Frunzaverde, the party's vice president;

R. G. Tovmasian, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia;

Jozef Hrdlicka, president of the Communist Party of Slovakia;

Andres Paez, president of the Democratic Leftist Party of Ecuador;

Victor Andres Garcia, president of the Popular Action of Peru;

Efrain Cepeda Sarabia, president of the Conservative Party of Colombia, and Soraya Galvis Cobo, the party's secretary of international relations;

Ota Akihiro, president of Japan's New Komeito;

Prakash Mandotia, national convener of the Foreign Affairs Department of India's Nationalist Congress Party;

Dato' Seri Chia Kwang Chye, secretary-general of the People's Movement Party of Malaysia;

Muhammad Farooq Sattar, deputy convener and parliamentary group leader of the United National Movement of Pakistan;

Soogil Young, president of South Korea's National Strategy Institute;

Wieslaw Klimczak, chairman of Poland's Civil Association "Polish House";

Milo Markovic, chairman of the Veterans Union of People's War of Liberation of Montenegro.

(Xinhua News Agency October 19, 2007)



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