Common destiny, an option for long-term world peace: People's Daily

Proposing "a community of common destiny" for countries, regions and the entire human world, China has expressed its wish for peaceful development and presented its own strategy for win-win cooperation, according to a People's Daily article.

The article, titled "Promise of a Better Future for the World," will be published, under the byline of Guo Jiping, on Monday's People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

According to the article, President Xi Jinping has mentioned "a community of common destiny" 62 times in public since the notion was first raised in a report approved by the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012, expressing the hope of the Chinese people to build a better world on Earth together with people from other countries.

"We should raise awareness about human beings sharing a community of common destiny. A country should accommodate the legitimate concerns of others when pursuing its own interests; and should promote common development of all countries when advancing its own development," the report said.

"Make dialogues rather than confrontation, be friends but not allies," the article notes, adding that, in a framework of win-win cooperation and joint development, one country's development should compliment that of another, and thus bring positive influence on a wider scope to combat the risks and challenges in the world economy.

Meanwhile, one will get his own moustache burned if he blows off others' candles, it warns.

"In the current world, no country can realize its own security detached from world security, and no security can be based on other countries insecurity," it says, urging cooperation and sustainable development to eliminate safety risks.

Calling for civilized dialogues based on equality instead of condescension and mutual appreciation instead of derogation, the article stresses that "a community of common destiny" showcases the promise that China's development will never be at the cost of other countries' benefits.

China has established different forms of partnership with more than 70 countries and many regional organizations by 2014, and the friendly network is expanding.

In the past 500 years since the New World was discovered, each time the changes of international orders were caged by the concerns of involved parties' own interests, and persistent peace was ever out of reach, it says.

According to the article, dismissing "survival of the fittest" and wars and tyranny, China presents "a community of common destiny" that respects the basic values of human civilization.

"Our fates rejoice and suffer together, and our dreams are interconnected," it says. "'A community of common destiny' offers the possibility that more than 200 countries and regions might walk toward long-term peace."

Source: People's Daily