2012 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

CPPCC Member Proposes Further Protection for Urban Heritage

( 2012-March-12 13:19:16)

By staff reporter YI YUAN

In recent years, some local authorities have demolished historic sites to give way to urban development projects, and have done so under the pretext of "demolition for maintenance."

"This term is horrible," said Feng Jicai, a renowned writer and painter attending the current session of the CPPCC.

Feng went on to say that "demolition for maintenance" is just one new excuse for such destruction, and in spite of the cries of opposition from cultural circles, destruction of cultural heritage has at no point ceased to exist.

Feng said the number of items on China's list of cultural heritage reached 7,000 within a decade. During this time he also noticed, however, some local officials neglect heritage sites after putting great efforts in putting them in the list.

"There is no hope for a nation striving only for money," Feng said at the annual session of the CPPCC. "A nation must possess a unique spirit." He proposed officials supervising cultural sectors must be accomplished in culture, have profound knowledge of culture and love it, or they cannot do their jobs well.


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