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Mainland to Crack down Illegal Organizing of Pregnant Women into HK

( 2012-March-4 14:32:14)

Mainland to Crack down Illegal Organizing of Pregnant Women into HK

The public security departments of Chinese mainland have stepped up efforts to crack down on the illegal activities of organizing mainland pregnant women to give births in Hong Kong ,legislative spokesman Li Zhaoxing said on March 4.

In response to a question over the illegal influx of mainland pregnant women into Hong Kong at a press conference ahead of the annual session of China's national legislature, Li said the relevant departments of the central government would continue to collaborate and communicate with the government of Hong Kong to tackle this issue.

"Giving births to children is a happy and joyous occasion. I am sure through jointed efforts, we can make sure this thing will have a happy ending," said Li.

"Since its return to the motherland 15 years ago, Hong Kong has maintained prosperity and stability. The compatriots of Hong Kong enjoy unprecedented democratic rights. We are confident Hong Kong will have an even brighter future." said Li.

Pregnant Mainland women have come to the spotlight amid a rising complaint by Hong Kong residents that the illegal non-local mainland expectant women would swallow up the limited medical resources in Hong Kong.

According to the Hong Kong laws, Chinese citizens born in Hong Kong have the right of abode, which partly result in an influx of mainland mothers giving births in Hong Kong.

According to statistics, about 88,000 babies were born in Hong Kong in 2010, among them about 41,000 were given birth by Mainland mothers.

(souce: Xinhua)


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