Students Plan to Travel After Exams
( 2010-06-11 )

The annual college entrance exams have just finished and as students begin to relax their thoughts turn to summer vacation. Travel is the first choice of many of them.

Each year after the exams are over the travel market experiences a boost in business. Most of the customers are students who have just written the tests.

Zhang Feng, manager of a travel agency said, "Students need to relieve the pressure after their examinations. Most of them will choose to travel. "

In Shanghai, the 2010 World Expo is proving to be a big attraction. Students winding down after the entrance exams will find relaxation by exploring the sights of the massive expo site.

A student who is plannning expo visit said, "I will go to the Expo with classmates first, and go there with my family later. Once is not enough. "

Travel agencies have created several special tours for the candidates. Since most want to relax through travel, some of them are expected to choose some rather risky excursions. Travel agencies say they will provide the necessary guides and protection for them. Meanwhile, students are advised to choose safe places to visit, instead of remote areas which may not offer a lot of security.



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