Noodle with Scallion, Oil and Dried Shrimp
( 2010-04-24 )


This noodle is also one of typical snacks in Shanghai, and it has to go through several processes. Firstly, cut shallot into bars, and fry it in oil. By this way, the shallot looked deep red and golden, tastes sweet and appetizing. Then, mix the shallot with shrimp, which has been stir-fried by vegetable oil, and soaked by wine and sugar. The next step is to cook the noodle. After that, mix the shallot and shrimp with noodle together, and the dish is finished. The noodle looks bright, and eats refreshing, with sweet flavor of shrimp and shallot. Meanwhile, the noodle is rich in nutrition, and welcomed by people.

Noodle with scallion, oil and dried shrimp is not only the typical snack in Shanghai Hubin Snack Restaurant, but also in Chenghuangmiao bazaar.

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