Shanghai Expo Visitors Add up to 5 Million
( 2010-05-25 )

As of Sunday afternoon, 5 million visitors came to Shanghai Expo, reported Monday.

The large number of visitors changed the situation at the Puxi Urban Best Practice Area. Several days ago, to better balance the visitor flow, Shanghai Expo organizers offered preferential policies encouraging visitors to go see the Puxi area, but visitors still preferred to queue for hours in the hot sun for the pavilions of Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc. in the Pudong Area.

Hu Jinjun, vice director of the Expo Coordination Bureau, said that further policies will be implemented to attract visitors to the Puxi area. Measures like transferring popular bands to perform in the Puxi Youth Square will be adopted. Theme party shows will also be introduced in the Puxi area during the summer vacation to attract students, Hu added.


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