Visitors at World Expo to Peak in July, August
( 2010-05-24 )

A recent opinion survey of tourists visiting the World Expo shows that recently the proportion of people choosing to travel with friends and those traveling with children has significantly increased. Each is about 2 percent, which is second to the proportion of people planning to travel with spouse.

Many visitors say that they will bring their children to the Expo at least once. If children like the exhibitions, they will consider going to the Expo two or three times. With summer vacation approaching, travel agencies predicated that visitors to the Expo will peak in July and August.

Children and students traveling to the World Expo can enjoy special offers. For instance, children shorter than 1.2 meters can go inside for free. Students and children taller than 1.2 meters can get a discount ticket for only about 100 yuan.

Visitors with discount tickets should show valid credentials or go inside the Expo accompanied by adults.

By People's Daily Online

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