Venue Will Take City to Greener Heights
( 2010-05-21 )

In addition to millions of visitors and billions of yuan in revenue earned from Expo 2010 Shanghai, organizers are hoping the Expo site will serve as a driving force behind Shanghai's determination to become a global city.

"Paris and New York are vibrant and global cities not only because of their tourist attractions, but also for the facilities they provide," said Ning Feng, general manager of Shanghai World Expo Group Co Ltd. "Such facilities can accommodate significant events like global summits or other international events."

There are currently very few conference centers in Shanghai capable of catering to more than 2,500 guests and hardly any decent exhibition centers, he said.

According to an earlier report, 9 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) was spent on the five permanent buildings at the Expo Garden, including the China Pavilion, the theme pavilions, Expo Center, Cultural Center and Expo Boulevard.

The 66,500-square-meter Expo Center and the theme pavilions, which in total measure 115,000 sq m, will serve as multi-functional conference centers and international exhibition centers after the Expo, while the China Pavilion will likely become a museum highlighting the achievements of the six-month event.

The Expo Center contains facilities with different capacities for between 600 and 5,000 people, while the sprawling theme pavilions would be ideal for large-scale international exhibitions, including aerospace and boating.

All these buildings were constructed in an environmentally friendly way.

"Green buildings require more than just capital investment and technology breakthroughs," said Ning. "It's the many details in the buildings that show our dedication toward a green legacy for the city."

The eco-friendly technologies includ water-saving taps and hydro-ceramic floor tiles, concepts that have already caught on in the construction industry.

"For example, the 'green outer wall' on the theme pavilions, which effectively helps adjust the building temperature by using 'vertical grass' on the outside walls of the structures, was put into practice in a public project in Shanghai's Jing'an district," said Ning.

"But most importantly, these buildings meet national safety standards," he said.


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