Eight Rare Treasures Unveiled in Egyptian Pavilion
( 2010-05-17 )




The Egyptian Museum of Shanghai World Expo held its opening ceremony in the evening of May 11th .

The Egypt center plans to display eight treasures, of which seven have already appeared in the Egyptian Museum. These include: the gold eagle collar-shaped fastener of the queen He Tepu; the Nibeilehe and Bake Na' double statue; the column of the god of love, inscribed with the name Apries; the enormous statue of the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV wearing a striped scarf and the feather of Aeolus Pharaoh Hugh; the brick statue

of Pharaoh Amen Maisu with the decoration of Sobek pattern; the statue of Pasal minister, who kneeled and held the ram head of the altar and the statue of the secretary decorated with the name of Pharaoh Merenptah.

By People's Daily Online)

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