On-site Ticket Sales Boom
( 2010-05-12 )

A total of 32,130 Expo 2010 tickets had been sold on site by 7:30pm May 10  the 10th day of the fair, accounting for one fifth of total admissions on the day.

On-site sales included nearly 9,000 evening admissions, revealing an increasing number of visitors touring the site at night. Holders of evening tickets are allowed to enter the site from 5pm.

Ticket sales on site has started an hour earlier at 8am, the organizers announced.

About 155,800 visitors entered the site by 7:30pm yesterday on the 10th day.

The most crowded gates were still Shangnan Road, Gaoke Road W., Houtan, and Changqing Road. More than 20,000 visitors passed through these entrances on May 10.

By 6pm, 42 performances had been staged. Altogether 3,500 volunteers served on the site.

(Source: en.expo2010.cn)

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