8th Day of Shanghai Expo: More Visitors Buy Tickets on Site
( 2010-05-10 )

About 202,600 visitors had entered the Expo Site by 7:30pm May 8 on the exposition’s eighth day. About 35,000 tickets were sold at the gates.

May 8 was the first weekend that visitors can enter with standard day tickets and more people bought tickets at the entrance gates than the previous two days.

The organizer said yesterday's operation was in good order.

The most crowded gates were Shangnan Road, Gaoke Road W., Houtan, and Changqing Road. Over 30,000 visitors passed through these entrances.

Yesterday, 170 pavilions were open and 77 performances were staged throughout the day, attracting nearly 90,000 audiences. Altogether 8,118 volunteers served on the site.

Five medical service stations inside the Expo site had received 189 visitors by 4pm May 8.

(Source: en.expo2010.cn)

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