Shanghai Expo, A Cultural Gala
( 2010-05-02 )

Shanghai Expo, A Cultural Gala

More than 800 different programs are expected to be performed in a total of 20,000 live shows during the 184 days of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.

Asian countries will have 153 different programs to be performed more than 840 times; European countries will have more than 200 programs; American countries will have 137 programs to be shown more than 370 times; African countries will have 59 programs to be shown about 700 times; Oceanian countries will have 23 programs to be shown more than 800 times.

A total of 13 foreign cities and China's well-known performance groups will also have 71 shows at the Urban Best Practices Area of the Expo site.

(source: China Daily)

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