Foreign Jounalist Looks for Stronger Coffee at the World Expo
( 2010-04-30 )

Foreign Journalist Looks for Stronger Coffee at the World Expo

     A French journalist said Thursday the only dissatisfaction she had with the media center of the World Expo in Shanghai was that the coffee should be stronger.

    Helene Franchineau, who works for the Slate Magazine inFrance, told Xinhua that the work conditions in the Expo was otherwise flawless.

    "The facilities are great. Everything is modern. We have lots of space to work," she said.

    Journalists from across the world have started covering the Expo, a major event inChinathat is scheduled to officially open on May 1. From April 20th to 26th, the site was open to visitors in a trial operation.

    Maurice Guibord, a reporter of RadioCanada, said the services provided for journalists are of good quality.

    Guibord said he was interested in green technologies at the Expo.

    "I'm also anxious to see pavilions of countries that I have not seen in previous Expos," said Guibord, who has covered five Expos, including three universal events.

    He said the Shanghai Expo ranks "very high" among all the Expos he has covered. "The architecture is stunning."

    Kuroyanagi Seiji, a producer for Japanese TV broadcaster NHK, said he was basically satisfied with working in the park except that moving around was a little "difficult" because the site is too big.

    Seiji said he was interested in covering the Expo becauseChinahas a "big influence" on world affairs.

(Source: Xinhua)

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