Shanghai Expo a Pride of All Chinese, Hu Tells Taiwan Dignitaries
( 2010-04-30 )


Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, meets with Taiwan dignitaries in Shanghai Thursday, who are here to attend the World Expo opening ceremony.     (Xinhua) 

    Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, met withTaiwandignitaries inShanghaiThursday, who are here to attend the World Expo opening ceremony.

    Hu extended his warm welcome to the VIPs and people of various circles fromTaiwan, including Kuomintang (KMT) Honorary Chairmen Lien Chan and Wu Poh-hsiung, as well as the People First Party Chairman James Soong.

    "Shanghai's hosting of the World Expo is a pride of all Chinese people, including those across theTaiwan Strait," Hu said. "With our joint efforts, the Shanghai World Expo will be a successful, splendid and memorable event."

    He saidTaiwan's participation in the World Expo is an important result of cross-Strait relationship that has witnessed constant improvement and development over recent years.

    "The mainland compatriots will be delighted to see at the Expo the achievements thatTaiwancompatriots have made through their hard endeavors," he said.

    "I believe the Shanghai World Expo will help boost the mutual understanding of people on the two sides of theTaiwan Straitwhile enhancing exchanges and cooperation between them," he said.

    Hu, on behalf of the mainland compatriots and earthquake-stricken people inQinghaiProvincein particular, also extended sincere gratitude toTaiwancompatriots for their concern and support to the disaster relief operations in the quake zone.

    Hu highlighted the deepening of mutual political trust to promote the peaceful development of the cross-Strait ties.

    To maintain development of the ties and to remove political obstacles, the two sides should strengthen mutual political trust on the basis of opposing the secessionist activities of the "Taiwanindependence" forces and sticking with the 1992 Consensus, he said.

    Hu called for more exchanges among people from all circles in the two sides.

    "We hopeTaiwancompatriots could participate in cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation more passionately and actively, so as to inject vigor to the peaceful development of the ties and grasp the future of the cross-Strait relationship," he said.

    Hu said both sides should promote economic cooperation and enhance economic competitiveness of the two sides, adding that the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement being negotiated will be conducive to the long-term economic development of both sides.

    The Chinese mainland will pay special attention to the interests ofTaiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers to make the document a win-win solution, he said.

    Continuous efforts should also be made to promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties and reinforce cohesion among the Chinese, he stressed.

    Chinese people on both sides of the Strait share the responsibility of ending the history of being hostile to each other and working together to realize the great renaissance of the nation, Hu said.

    Lien Chan expected an excellent Expo, sayingTaiwan's participation reveals the joint efforts of Chinese compatriots on both sides of the Strait.

    He recalled the his talks with Hu five years ago when they reached a common prospect for the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. "We will do our best and make continuous efforts for the people's happy life and and the nation's prosperity in a down-to-earth manner."

    Wu said the KMT will continue to promote the implementation of the common prospect reached between Hu and Lien.

    Soong expressed best wishes to a successful Expo.

(Source: Xinhua)

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