Xiaoshaoxing Chicken Rice Soup
( 2010-04-24 )

Xiaoshaoxing restaurant was established in 1947 by a person from Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Besides the founder, the main dishes in the restaurant were mainly from Shaoxing, thus making the restaurant then named Xiaoshaoxing, Or Little Shaoxing. The rice is cooked in chicken soup, and mixed with chicken meat and other seasonings. Together with the soup, there is usually 3cm-long, and 0.6cm-wide chopped chicken with shallot, ginger and chicken oil available. The chicken soup is yellow amid green, and chicken meat is white and bright, jointly making it quite amazing, and appetizing. Besides rich nutrition, the soup tastes smooth and sweet.

This soup is only available in Shanghai Xiaoshaoxing restaurant.

(Introduction from InmandarinChina.com;  Photo from xfzc.com)

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