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China's Top Legislature Concluding Annual Session

China's Parliament Adopts 12th Five-year Plan
China's Top Legislator Praises Journalists for Adequately Covering "Two Sessions"

CPPCC Concludes Annual Session

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Social Security Improved in 11thFive-Year Plan Period

ODI Surged during 11th Five-year Plan Period
Lhasa-Xigaze Railway to Be Completed by 2015
Better Care for the Elderly
Investment in Water Infrastructure to Double
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In the opinion of Feng Peide, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 12th Five-year Plan period will be a golden age for aviation in China.

For the last three years, Liu Changle, a CPPCC National Committee member, has called for the culture industry to be a new growth point and pillar industry in China's economy.

The Fourth Session of the 11th NPC Opened in Beijing, March 5, 2011.

Security Officers on Tian'anmen Square.

Vehicle Inspection

Sniffer Dogs Help the Police.
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