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China's Union System: A Win-win Model

By staff reporter LIU YI

"Only when company infrastructures and the business environments they operate in are developed, will it be possible for workers to fully realize their rights. And only when workers'rights are guaranteed, can companies developed further. This is a system for a win-win model." Zhang Mingqi told China Today. He is the deputy to the 11th National People's Congress, and deputy chairman of the All China Federation of Trade Unions.

Zhang explains that China's trade union system is in accord with the country's current situation. Workers are able to realize their rights better through the development of their companies.

As to the issue that certain foreign companies in China have been against establishing union organizations, Zhang Mingqi believes that the problem is that these ventures do not clearly understand China’s union system. While some have refused out of self-interest in maintaining control, “they still must obey the Chinese law, which states that all companies should establish unions,” he stressed.

Thus far, all of the Fortune 500 enterprises with ventures in China have established unions in China. Wal Mart, for example, has accumulated experience and lessons in this field.

These unions, which will provide protections and support for the workers of China, will be increasingly important as the country continues along its path of economic development. 




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