Deputies' and Delegates' Proposals
Law Urged to Protect Witnesses, Whistleblowers
Proposal to Raise Individual Income Tax Threshold
Star Advisor Grumbles about Food Safety Law
Liu Yonghao Proposes Loan Coupons For Farmers
Political Advisor Urges Steady Development in Beijing
Graduate Loans Spark Concerns
Advisers Buckle down to Fixing Growing Pains
Equality Best Way to Solve National Education Problems
Political Advisors Call for Free Trade Zone between HK & Shenzhen
Deputies - It's Time to Express Different Opinions
On-the-spot Report
More Housing Input for Low and Medium-Income Citizens
Top Political Advisory Body Concludes Annual Session
Zhou Yongkang Calls for Judicial Support to Ensure Economic Growth
Hu Calls for Support from Army
Commerce Minister Warns of Grim Outlook for China's Foreign Trade
Highlights of Work Report on Supreme People's Procuratorate
Highlights of Work Report on Supreme People's Court
The Latest Progress in Sichuan Reconstruction
Deputies Urge College Graduates Down-to-Earth in Job Hunting
Highlights of NPC Standing Committee Chairman Wu Bangguo's Work Report
Background Information
NPC, the Supreme Legislature
Leaders of First CPPCC
Major Government Reshuffles
How NPC, CPPCC Function
CPPCC Origins & Functions
China Today Special
Beijing Braves a Cold Cold Winter
The Dongguan Epitome of Crisis-Hit Manufacturing
Shanghai Prepares to Tango with the Financial Tornado
Radical Shifts in China's Milk Market
Coal Mining Area on the Environmental Protection Road
Coping with Climate Change: A Common Task
Picture of the Day [More]

CPPCC begins its closing ceremony

Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo delivers a work report

Taiwan delegation discusses the work report delivered by the NPC Standing Committee

The workshop of Macau delegation

Wei Hong, deputy governor of Sichuan, answers questions on post-earthquake reconstruction.

The second plenary meeting of the Second Session of the 11th CPPCC is held on March 7.
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