On-the-Spot Report

Life Sunshine Pavilion Sheds Light on the Disabled

By staff reporter DONG NING

The Life Sunshine Pavilion, sponsored by the China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF), is the first ever exhibition hall dedicated to people with disabilities in the World Expo’s 158-year history. “Its establishment demonstrates our respect for human lives, by showing that all people, able-bodied or disabled, are equal. It also illustrates China’s commitment to the cause of the welfare for people with disabilities,” comments Zhang Haidi, who is known as China’s Helen Keller.

“The pavilion will bring much needed hope for those living with disabilities. Among the world’s six billion people, about a tenth has some form of disability; 83 million of them are in China. The word ‘disabled’ carries so much misery, yet it also shows these people’s fortitude and hope for a better life. I hope that by visiting the pavilion, our brothers and sisters with disabilities can gain new hope and pride in their lives,” says Zhang.


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