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Strategic Opportunities for China’s New Energy Development

By CT staff reporter

Developing new energy projects has become one of China’s key strategies for economic growth. It is believed that new energy technologies will pose enormous strategic opportunities over the next four decades. Especially during this current global economic downturn, the new energy sector has been pinned as a burgeoning economic growth engine.

Li Xiaolin, CEO of the China Power International Development Ltd and vice president of the China Power Investment Corporation, suggests that greater attention must be paid to every link of the energy source chain, including supply, transport, strorage and consumption. Reducing emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, using clean-coal technology and renewable energy sources are to be China’s main methods in gearing up this new energy development.

According to Li, heat-engine plants deplete more than 50 percent of the country’s coal consumption, producing over 30 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. “Therefore, power enterprises must play a due role in the nation’s new energy development”.

At present, manufacturing makes up 85 percent of China’s energy consumption. And resource deficiencies have always been hindering the industrial progress. To alleviate this problem, Li Xiaolin strongly advocates for a low-carbon way of life and greener manufacturing. 


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